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AC Repair

A/C Servicing and Regas

Rather than just regas your air conditioning system, we prefer to check for any leaks first. This includes an air-con pressure test and can save you money should you have any leaks. Following this; we can then price any additional work should you need to replace parts or we could continue with the regas if no leaks are detected.

Care Tire


We can supply and fit a variety of sizes for all makes and models. Our prices include; new valve, balance, fitting and disposal of your old tyre. We can usually get tyres same or next day so just call for a quote. The legal minimum tread is 1.6mm and anything below can give you points against your license per tyre. 

We include a free tyre pressure check with every service or can do it whilst you wait if you're popping by.

Mechanic Wrench

Mechanical work

We have a range of mechanics on hand who can carry out most repairs on vehicles. Other services we can provide include; 

Welding, brakes, clutches, engines, cambelts, timing chains. No job is too big or too small, so either pop in to book or call 01454 777841 with your queries.

AC Repair


At Frampton Garage we offer a variety of services. 

A seasonal service includes a 1 hour vehicle safety inspection of the vehicle and an oil and filter change, this service doesn't not include taking the wheels off to fully inspect brakes. An interim service includes a 1.5 hour vehicle safety inspection, an oil change and oil and air filter replacement.

A full service includes; oil and filter change, air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter (unless in-tank) and spark plugs replacement. (spark plugs replaced on petrols only) And also includes a 2 hour vehicle safety inspection.

We can also use genuine parts at the request of the customer, and all our oils are approved to manufacturers specifications. As parts prices can vary per vehicle, please call for a confirmed quote.

Tyre Workshop With Car In The Lift

Tracking and alignment

We carry out two types of alignment at Frampton Garage. Laser tracking or full camber, caster and tow alignment. Both tracking and camber alignment can help to prolong the life of your tyres, steering and suspension. Please call to book in. 

Car Disc Brake


Brake fluid changes are advised to be carried out every 2 years. Due to condensation, over time the brake fluid can become diluted with water and then the brake fluid will be less effective. We can carry out a fully comprehensive brake check which isn't carried out as part of the MOT.



MOT's are a mandatory service set by VOSA and the DVSA. Once your vehicle is 3 years old, it is vital that you have an MOT annually. VOSA allow you to have your MOT up to 30 days before it is due and still keep the same expiry date, this gives you plenty of time to get it done before it expires. There is no grace period after it has expired. Any failed MOT's have a 10 working day window for a free retest. After this period, you will have to pay full price for an MOT. We can outsource class 7 MOT's.

Mechanic Repairing Car


We have invested in various different diagnostic machinery and equipment and have a range of mechanics on hand for any technical advise. Often if there is a warning light on your dashboard, a diagnostic scan will allow us to obtain fault codes and then point us in the right direction to narrowing down where the fault lies.

Car in the Smoke


With the MOT rules forever get stricter, and the environment being a main concern for this, vehicle emissions need to be reduced to make vehicles for more economical. Therefore there are more components that can be faulty. Fuel additives reduce the emissions, cleans and protects the catalytic converter, reduces risks of  DPF clogging, improves MPG and restores performance.

Please note that all prices are subject to review/change as of 01/10/2021 Please call 01454 777841 for prices.

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