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As an RAC approved repairer we have a duty of care to provide the best possible service to all our customers and ensure that their vehicles are repaired to a high standard as set by the RAC

We have been individually audited by the RAC to enable us to become an RAC approved repairer and we are able to undertake various warranty jobs, therefore eliminating the worry of extensive costs to any customer with the RAC warranty plan. 

If you are an RAC customer you do not have to worry about your next steps when breaking down. Simply call the RAC and specify that you would like to bring your car to your local garage and as we are the only RAC approved repairer within a 3-mile radius, we will help to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

We follow a strict service sheet as provided by the RAC which details exactly what we check over in the services and we will notify you of any advisories, please ask a member of staff for your copy when you next have a service.


Please note; any RAC breakdowns will incur a £15 acceptance fee.

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The RAC have been serving motorists since 1897, and as the motorist’s champion, it’s their duty to provide motorists with a network of independent garages they can trust, that’s why they set up the RAC Approved Garages Network.
As an RAC Approved Garage we follow the RAC Customer Charter for Approved Garages. This means you will every time you bring your vehicle you will get:
• Honest pricing - All work will be explained clearly and the costs will be transparent
• Quality work - Any repairs done will meet the high standard set by the RAC
• Exceptional customer service - You’ll find the service friendly, straightforward and jargon free
For more information about the RAC and the Approved Garages network, please visit:


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We are also certified by the AA therefore if you are a warranty customer or you have breakdown cover with the AA then we can help get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Please note that due to the time it takes to complete warranty applications, and wait for engineer visits; our labour rate may increase to suit. Should a warranty company not cover the full amount of the total bill, this may be the responsibility of the customer. Although we can accept majority of jobs that have a warranty process, all invoices must be paid by either the customer or the warranty company prior to the vehicle being taken, with the exception of the AA or the RAC who we trust to make a payment afterwards. It is the customer's responsibility to either prompt the warranty company to pay for the invoice or to claim the money back. Please read our company terms and conditions for more information.

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